Who is a binge watching queen?

Who am I? That’s a secret I will never tell. No, that’s Gossip Girl. I am just me. Stealing what wordpress suggests: “vibrant, bold, and clean (really?), it’s a perfect canvas to tell your story”​. Cool enough. Well, let’s put it this way: you can definitely tell me YOUR story. I am all ears, and eyes considering I would be reading it. Meanwhile I am sharing my story (or a small part of it) on here.

I’m the binge watching queen. It started with a haircut and it never ended. Actually, I realized it was just a habit I used to have in the past also with books. I can’t stand the wait, when I start reading or watching something, I have to reach the end, no matter what it costs… like staying awake more than 72 hours to finish a whole series! Welcome to my therapy session: I binge watch to get away from reality. At least for a little while…